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Perfect Edge Botanicals greatly values and looks for partnerships and input from both animal and human health care professionals. We have worked with physicians and veterinarians in the Florida area to help bring CBD hemp oil treatment to patients in need.

If you are looking for:

  • General information on CBD hemp oil that contains links to peer-reviewed studies and publications, please visit our Learn More page.
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  • I am writing today to thank you for convincing me to try Perfect Edge Hemp Extract for Pets. Although I was not worried my dog Pete would have any bad side effects I will say I was skeptical if it would work.

    We took Pete (our 3 yr. old white Labrador) to the vet because we thought he tore something or pulled a muscle in his back legs playing outside. The Dr. examined Pete and told us he had bad knees already and there wasn’t much to do yet but we could consider knee replacement when it got bad enough. Knee replacement on a 3 yr. old dog at approximately $,3500-$5,500 per knee??? I don’t think so! The Dr. gave us some doggie ibuprofen and glucosamine and we gave it to Pete for about a month straight and it didn’t do anything. The ibuprofen helped his pain a little but as soon as he ran around outside he would be limping again. This got so bad that he could not even jump on our bed or worse yet he had to sit down so slowly and then would sit to the side because it hurt him so badly.

    Ok, you convinced me to try Perfect Edge Hemp Extract and I have been giving him two droppers full a day, one in the morning and one around dinner time. At first it didn’t seem to be doing anything and my wife and I joked that he was eating better but the reality is he really was! His eating started first then his bowel movements were totally different and then we noticed he was playing more and more every day with the other dogs. Pete has been taking this for about 5-6 weeks now and all I can say is he is a different dog. He can run and play again and just a couple days ago he came flying in the room and jumped on the bed as if to say HEY I’m BACK! My wife almost cried she was so happy. There is no question we will continue with this product because it is the real deal. Thank you for convincing me but now you don’t have to, I have seen the results and they are real.

    Do you have anything for his craziness????? LOL thank you again from our whole family especially Pete.

    Mike F. Wellington, FL
  • I have been using CBD oil for a year now on my foster Labrador Retrievers. I took in two foster labs right before Hurricane Irma. Not knowing their past history, their older age and that they are a bonded pair, which if separated for any amount of time, they become very anxious. I wanted to use something that was more holistic as I didn't want them to be "drugged" in this transition process. This is when I found out about CBD oil for dogs. I started them both on a routine of CBD oil with their feedings. I have noticed their anxiety has decreased immensely, and they aren't as "stiff" and move better because of the CBD oil due to their joint pain and inflammation.

    Christy Freeman, Foster Mom of Duke and Sally
  • I'm writing to tell you how great Cannabis / Hemp oil is for our Boston Terrier Louie. Louie has had 2 knee surgeries for luxating patella which left him using only 3 legs after a long walks or playing .We have been giving him the Cannabis/ Hemp oil for a couple of months with his breakfast & dinner and WOW! what a difference. He now uses all his 4 legs all the time, even after long walks, playing or squirrel hunting. Thank you for giving Louie is playfulness back.

    Michelle and Tommy Boynton Beach, FL