How does CBD and Inflammation work together?

Studies have indicated that CBD can work greatly for inflammation in several ways. CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant and can work by communicating with, and regulating the immune system in mammals. This has been studied and documented for animal immune systems, and will likely work on humans like it does in mice. At the basics, cannabinoids work with all sides of the immune response system, allowing for optimum control. The hemp plant contains over 100 cannabinoids which can each affect our bodies in different ways. Every human has an endocannabinoid system and it is responsible for many parts of our homeostasis. This includes immune response, appetite, communication between cells, and even memory! Our endocannabinoid  system is one of the most impoartant; it regulates our immune response and nervous system meaning it basically regulates the damage and pain we feel. Cannabinoids from the hemp plant have been the only discovery we have made that can communicate and regulate that edocannabinoid system. Wow! Those cannabinoids are powerful.

With the way cannabinoids can work in our immune system we can find a better homeostasis overall. For example, when your body is responding to an injury or infection, the cannabinoids will keep it from over responding, and instead send a more healthy and balanced amount of reactions.


Does that mean CBD can cure cancer?

Ok, not quite, but close! Many times there are no cures for certain cancers, especially if they are in the advanced stages. There has been several links to CBD and how it can work for inflammatory cancers, however. Certain cannabinoids can work by blocking immune system and nervous system receptors. When someone has an autoimmune disorder like ulcerative colitis or Chrone’s Disease, our body immune system receptors are sending too much ‘repair’ to the site, causing unnecessary inflammation. When we have a prolonged period of inflammation in the body, it can cause other reactions to occur over time. This is proven in the way these aforementioned diseases cause a higher risk of cancers in the patient.¬† Essentially, the prolonged period of swelling has now caused a tumor due to the excessive immune response.

CBD and inflammation can work in a way that you are healthier day to day. You’ll feel less pain while actually having less damage occur!

How do I take CBD?

Humans have several possible ways to take CBD whether for inflammation or other ailments. A great way to relieve specific areas can be using a rub on lotion or balm. This way works great for sore muscles, aching joints, or even menstrual cramps.

Another way to receive CBD is through ingestion. Tinctures are available in a range of strengths. The tinctures allow you to put it directly under the tongue or drop it in your drink. If you find yourself wanting an exact same dosage everyday, using capsules is another great way to ingest CBD.

Maybe you are a smoker and are trying to quit? CBD can even be smoked in a vape pen! Keep up the cool kid look while being healthy.

Whichever way you prefer to receive your CBD for inflammation, we hope you find it relaxing and comforting!


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