A question we often receive at Perfect Edge Botanicals is about CBD and pets. Can my dog have CBD? My cat? Parrot or ferret? The answer is “of course!”

Pets can benefit from the many benefits of CBD much as humans do. It has the possibility of helping with anxiety, pain, neurosis, sleeplessness, and more. While there is a lot of information out there on the scientific side of the benefits of CBD for pets, we want to highlight the personal side of the benefits of CBD for pets with a story about Dino. The following is the story of Dino the rescue lab that was shared with Perfect Edge Botanicals by Dino’s dad, Marty.

Dino wasn’t doing so well. A formerly spry and lively dog, he had frequent seizures that were slowly taking his joy de vivre and usual spunk. He spent his days and nights laying around, simply existing. A rescue lab mix, Dino had been adopted by Marty and his family in Florida several years ago. They had fallen in love with his soulful eyes and general good nature. The longer Dino lived with Marty and his family, the more they noticed small changes in his activity–he was slower, he didn’t want to run or play, and the tremors in his legs were becoming more worrisome. He seemed to have no energy and often needed help just getting up. Instead of playtime revolving around chasing a frisbee or ball, he would now simply sit on Marty’s lap as he watched his evening shows. He couldn’t make the jump himself though and had to be carefully sat down on Marty’s lap.

Dino reached a point where he was having daily seizures, his muscle strength was all but gone, and he was consistently lethargic. Marty thought Dino only had a few days to live.

It was in these seemingly final days of Dino’s life that Marty discovered Perfect Edge Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture for Pets. It was like Dino had become a new dog, a puppy even. His seizures had gone away and he could play and run! Most important to Marty though, was that Dino could jump into his lap like he used to. Perfect Edge Botanicals’ Pet Tincture gave Dino and his family the life that seemed to be taken too early from them. The life of a happy dog and his happy family.

This was early this year, and Dino is still living a happy, healthy life with Perfect Edge Botanicals today!