Our Mission

We work hard to ensure that you can have the highest-quality Hemp Oil Extract products to help you live a healthy, happy life. We are dedicated to creating excellent Hemp Oil Extract tinctures, creams, edibles, and more with superb ingredients that are USDA Certified Organic and 100% sourced and made in the USA. Our Hemp Oil Extract products may help reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. Explore new and helpful ways to integrate Hemp Oil Extract into your wellness routine by visiting our online shop today.

Perfect Edge Botanicals offers a complete line of Hemp Oil Extract-based products to suit your needs and preferences, including some tinctures and lotions that are completely THC free!

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Our Story

Perfect Edge Botanicals was founded when the owners Rob and Scott, realized that CBD hemp oil extract is a natural way to relieve pain in themselves and their pets without harmful side effects.

It all began in 2017, when Rob’s Golden-doodle Zoey wasn’t able to play with his brother, Elmo, due to arthritis pain. Zoey’s vet had recommended Tramadol but it didn’t make Zoey feel any better. Rob kept searching for another way to give Zoey a pain free way to play again. He ultimately stumbled upon CBD hemp oil products and decided to give it a try. It was like Zoey was a puppy again! He could play and run around with Elmo seemingly with no pain. Zoey was 14 years old! Seeing the massive change in Zoey’s life inspired Rob to learn more about Hemp Oil Extracts and share how it can help not only animals, but humans too.

That same year, Scott was staring down his 60th birthday and his own arthritis was beginning to take its toll. It was important to him to find pain relief naturally so that he could enjoy his favorite activities, like golf, again. He had heard about Hemp Oil Extract products from some friends and after doing some research decided to give it a try. Within one week, he was shocked to find that using CBD hemp oil extract helped his inflammation enough that he could get back to enjoying being active again.

After realizing the effectiveness and potential of CBD hemp oils, Rob and Scott decided to spread the wellness. They took their experience, knowledge, and passion for healthy, natural living and turned it into Perfect Edge Botanicals. Since then, they have helped dogs, cats, ferrets, iguanas, and even parrots feel better. It works great on humans too, and is used by a vast number of physicians to combat pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression in their patients.

Perfect Edge Botanicals continues its great work today, helping people navigate the confusion around hemp oil extracts and provide the finest quality products that they can trust and enjoy, everyday.

Meet the Team:

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Rob Nosel, CEO

employee of hemp company Perfect Edge Botanicals

Scott Norwood, COO

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